Strong Turmeric 40 ml

Strong Turmeric 40 ml

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Turmeric has been used as a medicine four thousands of years. It is part of the Ayurveda health care traditions since ancient India.

The active substance is turmeric which helps over 300 different body functional systems. Turmeric supports for example to counter arthritis and bowel obstruction. 

Turmeric needs, in order to absorb into the body, the active substance piperin which you get in in black pepper or you can add fat as an alternative.

Pure Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant and when all the vitamins and minerals absorb to the human body it will stay anti-inflammatory, healthy, support defense system, work as an anti swamp medicine and antivirus medicine. Turmeric is one of the longest time researched herbs. 

Our Turmeric powder is very strong and recommended daily intake is only 1 ML or 1/5 teaspoon


Our turmeric powder is of the highest quality and very strong because it is pure and organic, no chemicals used, no artificial drying used and no blending or mixing with other powder products.

You can also cook Turmeric - vitamins and minerals remain.