Pauliina Laitinen-Littorin, CEO

I have done my career as an expert in the art market (art as an investment and art forgeries). I have a doctoral research education (Ph.D.) in cultural history at the University of Turku and I have also studied leadership and macroeconomy in School of Economics of Turku. Furthermore, I also have a one-year study diploma in Entrepreneurship from The Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management. I have been working almost 30 years of researching art, looking very pedantry for every detail in artworks or their provenance, searching the very best quality of art, finding out a good price for a specific piece of art, also looking for who actually, in the art market, takes responsibility for that a specific piece of art is of high quality and really authentic.

And then one can ask oneself, “How did I, a Finnish art market expert also land in the field of healthy food?

I and my husband love Africa and we go there 1-2 times per year. I have many dear Kenyan and other African friends and love their attitude towards pure food and lifestyle that doesn’t allow chemicals and artificial adding into their body system. One of our African friends once asked me to taste her cayenne and turmeric. I did so without any special expectations, but felt so much better afterward, like it happened to my husband as well. So we started to consume body healing herbs for a longer time and became even more convinced how amazing results those can give. Then I started to search more about herbs, identified different research reports, and read about the mechanism of body absorbing vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, I read about the quality and differences between synthetic made medicine, vitamins and food supplements versus natural products. The only turmeric is very researched herbs so far. Many other information and reports exist but are very scattered and I have gathered information in order to get a good picture and versatile understanding of how to use herbs.

First I started to buy herbs from my friend's farm 2000 meters above the sea in Kenya and then my loving family came along bringing their own abilities, and experiences into our business. So now we take one step further to bring our products and our herb mission to the World!

Sverker Littorin, Chairman of the board, export specialist

I am a Swedish businessman with an educational background from Stockholm School of Economics and Business Administration (Handelshögskolan I Stockholm) combined with some years of law studies at Uppsala University.

During all my business career, international business has been on top of my agenda and mainly within the life science area. Starting with my position as Group Vice President, Elekta AB, then Executive Vice President, Pharmadule AB and President of MedCap. The first and last company being listed at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Stock exchange. Later on, Board memberships in public traded companies such as Sectra AB and nowadays in Papillary are other examples of my experience from successful companies within the areas of health and medical treatments.

Then regarding Africa, I have a special warm feeling towards visiting, spending leisure time and doing business at the most genuine continent of mankind, namely Africa. When I some years ago was asked to become Honorary Consul of Ethiopia to Sweden I was very happy. Now I and the family love to travel to mostly East Africa including but not limited to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda Somalia, and Ethiopia. We have native and local friends that make us feel at home when we spend time in their home country.

Please welcome into the World of Africa, by using our medical herbs you get one small feeling of the heat and the beat that we love!



Marko Laitinen, Sales in Finland and products manager


I have done my career in pharmacy industry (1998-2015) in an American pharma company called Bristol-Myers Squibb. I have been responsible for sales and marketing as a business unit manager and country lead. My responsibilities have been in different therapeutic areas for example HIV and IV antibiotic, rheumatology, psychiatry, diabetes, cardiovascular and antithrombotic products for cardiologists, neurologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists, and GPs. I have done also as head of joint venture and co-operation with Astra-Zeneca, Sanofi and Pfizer to achieve common objectives.

I have a Master of Science (Economics) 1997 from University of Turku and Public Relations PR diploma (2 years) from Paasikivi Institute 1991. I have been last three years as an investor and consultant for health technology and patient interfaces.

I believe that functional food (food and medicine together) and new healthy eating habits are coming more important for every day to all of us.



Oliver Laiho, Internet Sales Responsible

I have studied computer science and international business in Santa Barbara, CA and later on went to study information systems sciences to the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. 
Since 2014 I have been researching the blockchain space and turned it into a career in 2016. Started my own wealth management business in the spring of 2017 focusing exclusively on the blockchain space. 
Why for being part of this business comes from my long-standing passion for personal development. To be able to thrive in your passions it's important to keep yourself healthy. This means both your body and your brain. 
Healthy foods and nutrients like ours are a vital part of that. 
To be able to do it constantly, one need to make it as frictionless as possible. That's why we created Savage Mix that has all four ingredients in it to make it easy to use all of them.


Kasimir Laiho, CFO

I am a second-year student at Turku School of Economics where I study economics as a major and information science and finance as minors. My strengths are strong analytical skill and accurate working mindset. As my earlier working career, I have worked at our family company Heikki Laiho Oy. My working positions there have been varied since I have started with working in production as my summer job and for last few years I’ve worked in accounting department where my jobs have been very varied too.

My passion for healthy food comes from my sporty background. I’ve played ice hockey since I was young and in the last few years golfing has become an important hobby for me too. Because I move a lot, I like to eat healthily and our supplements have become an important part of my daily nutrition.

Our mission is to boost Healthy lifestyle everywhere and especially in Finland. We hope that our extremely pure herb powders will make difference in our customer's everyday life’s.